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Tonja Grung Taxidermist
Tonja has her studio in a church in north London where Made from the Dead was born, where she creates her dead things. Drawing inspiration and references from her fascination with a macabre Victorian past. Tonja`s work incorporates both mysticism and symbolism behind traditional technique.

Tonja blends objects of curiosity, rare antiques and carefully selected specimens. Over the years she has acquired an in depth knowledge of the craft that incorporates elements beyond the constraints of taxidermy. Through the artistic process of composition, Tonja relinquishes any notion of death and decay; transforming her poignant pieces into immortal totems of resurrection. Her taxidermy occupies realms other than just the preservation of animals. She has been regularly teaching all stages of taxidermy. Her teaching style can be described as enjoyable, relaxed, with a non-formal approach that is professional.

I do not kill or endorse the killing of animals for taxidermy and all specimens are sourced legally in accordance with the wildlife & countryside act 1981. All items come with a log number. I use traditional taxidermy techniques with quality taxidermy materials.